Subject: Customer Feedback

THANK YOU! I called this morning in a time crunch needing some carpet and padding disposed of by noon. You totally came through. You made my day. Thanks so much.

Tracy R


Subject: Book A Job

Hey guys, you did a great job at my building a few weeks back. However, I now have a new job at the same building. I've pulled all the carpet from the building and need it hauled away. Also, there is some debris from cabinets which i pulled down. Two of your trucks should take care of it. Timeline is as soon as you're ready, Thursday morning would be ideal. Let me know.

Will M


Dear Junkman-

   I wanted to thank you for your prompt response to my need last week, the day before a holiday even! Your workmen were kind and courteous, they went above and beyond to provide good service. That is RARE nowadays.

   You can be certain I will not only use you again - I will highly recommend you! Thanks!

Marie Y, Realtor


From: Judy B

Subject: Wonderful

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the 2 gentlemen that took our lumber today. Very polite and they really knew how to do their job. They joked and kidded with us and made the job look easy, which it was not by any means.

I will let everyone know about the great service we received.

Thank You.

Judy B



Thanks Junkman. The guys worked very hard to complete my job. I was impressed. I just liked how professional and simple the whole process was. Thanks. And we'll definitely use you again for the next one.

Mike B